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Basics of Cryptocurrency Trading

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.

Cryptocurrency trading means buying and selling digital currencies through an online trading platform. There are thousands of traders who trade in cryptocurrencies every day. Cryptocurrencies use “blockchain technology” which makes them 100 percent transparent and perfect for traders. This article covers up some basics of cryptocurrency trading which undoubtedly will be helpful for the traders.

The Four Trading Styles

There are basically four different trading styles which people can utilise. Besides these trading styles, you should do proper research before investing the money. Your research may include anything from simply reading the news about respective cryptocurrency to having a deep understanding of technical and fundamental analysis of that cryptocurrency.

Day Trading

Day trading is the simplest way to trade cryptocurrencies. All the buying and selling happens on the same day and nothing is carried forward to the next day.

Position Trading

Position trading is dynamic and a bit more complex in comparison to day trading. This is a longer procedure and your holding might stand from days to weeks to months. When the position is to be carried for long, the cryptocurrency should be properly analysed to get the desired “results.” The best thing about position trading is that whenever you see a pattern, you can open the position and whenever the pattern breaks, you can close it.

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Swing Trading

This kind of trading takes more time than day trading but lesser than the positional trading. This style of trading is effective when the market’s movement is in a single direction, plus it is best during those volatile conditions in the market.

Scalping Trading

Scalping trading is the trading done to earn the profits from the difference of bid and ask price. The scalping trading is mostly suitable for quiet markets and smaller amounts.

Important Considerations for Every Trader

It is always fruitful to do proper homework before making an investment or starting trading in cryptocurrencies. Here are few important things to be considered by every trader:

Choose the right trading timeframe

Before beginning the trading, it is important to select a timeframe so that your goals can be achieved without any hurdles. Many cryptocurrency traders set hourly or daily timeframes. Some applications also offer customizable timeframes suitable to your needs.

Maintain a comprehensive record

Although the ledger has permanent records, the traders should also keep a permanent record of all the changes. It is vital to keep the record of every change occurred during the trading. This will also improve your reaction to different kinds of changes.

Remain updated with the news

Most people are not fond of political news but if you are involved in financial business or trading, you should remain updated with such kinds of news or anything which impacts the asset you are trading in. This is an essential task for a successful trader.

Keep Studying

If you are trading cryptocurrencies, keep studying. Read the latest articles and news related to your subject. The internet is full of educational material about cryptocurrencies and to be a successful trader, you should always be in the learning mode.