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List of Cryptocurrencies to Trade on IQ Option

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Option Trading for Beginners - Written by Matthew O'Connor

IQ Option allows you to trade the biggest cryptocurrencies. Although there are more than a thousand cryptocurrencies, most momentum is witnessed in fifteen cryptocurrencies and fortunately, trading in those fifteen cryptocurrencies can be done on the IQ Option platform. A list of all fifteen of them along with a brief description is given below.

1. Bitcoin
Bitcoin was launched by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009 and is the first cryptocurrency which was publicly traded. Its symbol is BTC and it constitutes around 45 percent of the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization. Bitcoin is the most expensive digital currency and the trading is limited to only 21 million Bitcoins.

2. EthereumIn terms of popularity, Ethereum is just behind Bitcoin. Its symbol is ETH and the unique feature Ethereum holds is the functionality according to smart contract. This provides added security and reduces the transaction cost.

3. Ripple
The company named Ripple provides worldwide financial solutions and it actually launched its own cryptocurrency. The creators of Ripple believe that it is the world’s most scalable and fastest digital asset. Its symbol is XRP and its big market cap makes it the third biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

4. Bitcoin Cash
This cryptocurrency originated from the Bitcoin Classic. Its symbol is BCH and Bitcoin Cash was the result of a very lengthy discussion about handling the scalability problem of Bitcoin.

5. Litecoin
Litecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency which was created when Bitcoin became initially successful. The good thing about Litecoin is that it can quickly confirm the transactions. Its symbol is LTC and no central authority controls it.

6. EOS
EOS, a software which introduced a new architecture for blockchain, provides databases, asynchronous communication, accounts, authentication, and application scheduling across different CPU clusters and/or cores. Its symbol is EOS.

7. Stellar
This is a hybrid (open-source) blockchain which allows value exchange, facilitates payment and cross-asset value transfer. All individuals can uniformly access its network. Its symbol is XLM.

8. Neo
This is a not-for-profit blockchain project and digital currency which exploits the blockchain technology and allows the development of smart contract and digital assets. Its symbol is NEO.

9. Tron<
This cryptocurrency is an open-source decentralized one which attempts to build a globalised content entertainment structure for free with the help of its blockchain. Its symbol is TRX.

10. Dash
It was previously known as XCoin or Darkcoin and has capabilities similar to Bitcoin. Additional facilities provided by Dash are decentralized governance, private transactions and instant transactions. Its symbol is DASH.

11. Ethereum Classic
When Ethereum platform was divided, one version was Ethereum Classic which is a reorganised platform and features smart contracts. Its symbol is ETC.

12. Qtum
Qtum smoothens the characteristics of Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of decentralized applications and smart contracts. Its symbol is QTUM.

13. OmiseGo
Omise is a payment processing company that issued OmiseGo. This is an Ethereum-based technology to be used in normal digital wallets. It provides real-time payment services across decentralized currencies and fiat money. Its symbol is OMG.

14. Zcash
This cryptocurrency aims to use cryptography for providing enhanced privacy to its users. Like Bitcoin, it also has a fixed supply and only 21 million units are available for trade. Its symbol is ZEC.

15. Bitcoin Gold
It is the hard fork of Bitcoin and this fork happened on 24th October 2017. The purpose of this fork is restoring the GPU mining utility to Bitcoin. Its symbol is BTG.

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